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A little History

I’ve been a Naturopath (NMD) and Chiropractic Neurologist for 25 years, and for most of it I was the image of perfect health. I have always had the type of practice where I had people flying in to see me for some of the most difficult cases. My average case is usually seeing 15 plus other doctors before they get to my clinic. In 2007 I fell ill, and over the following 7 years I found myself on the opposite end, where I was the patients searching for answers and nobody seemed to have any for my condition. Meanwhile, I tried to keep my practice going, however , my body just could not keep up with the demand of running a large integrative practice. I could not keep up my “healthy” image any longer, as I went from being a body builder at 190 lbs to 145 lbs and I looked sick & emaciated.

There is a saying I use, which encapsulates this scenario, which finds oneself with a challenge that causes pain in your life. Once they figure out a way to overcome that challenge,  they are called to pass it forward. This saying is “Pain to Purpose”, and my pain to purpose story found itself deep in lyme disease, chronic EBV infection and sever Biotoxin Illness due to Mold exposure. Our practice now specializes in many chronic diseases, as I have discovered some common themes to almost ALL conditions , where there is often infection and toxicity as part of the clinical picture of most diseases. 

In 2005, I started formulating Glutathione Suppositories, and started my first online store. I began selling GlutaMax (the flagship Glutathione suppository), as well as some unique nasal sprays such as GlutaStat (antimicrobial), GlutaQuick (brain enhancing) and various formulas intended to be nebulized, such as Glutagenesis (Brain Support). Over the years, our line of products has evolved to what is now We provide product to clinicians, biohackers and people looking for more vitality, or those looking to overcome a disease process. Products I found helpful in my own journey, and with my cases I was treating, I made available on

What Did It All Lead To?

Fast forward to the summer of 2018, I was invited to be a participant in a plant medicine group, where heavy “heart” opening medicine along with an injection was used. For me it opened me up like nothing had ever done.  I saw my purpose, that we are all one, and love is the fabric of the universe. What all the religions where talking about, where I experienced God and all the angels that have been with me. Ok so I hope this isn’t too foo foo for you, but this was truly the most impactful and enlightening experience up to this point. 

The following 3 weeks I was miserable as my serotonin was and neurotransmitters where depleted (at least that’s what I thought was the case at that time). I found it hard to integrate ninth state and even to work at my normal level of focus and excitement. I was told this is normal, and I should just expect to go though this each time I work with these medicines.

The second time I went to do another session of the same protocol, I thought I would try using some of my products. The one in particular I formulated for TBI, which was intended to calm down the immune cells in the brain (called MicroGlial), that get over excited and stay for weeks and months after any physical or chemical trauma. This product is called Lucitol . At the time, I had it as a suppository only, however, we now carry a Liposomal version. I took a suppository of this prior and just after the experience. It also made sense to me to take a full spectrum hemp (CBD), as it is neuro-protective. I did another suppository, called NeuroDiol (in the 300mg version), which I also took pre and at bed time that night. This brings up another challenge, which is the poor sleep I would have the night of the experience. I used another suppository for this, called Sandman, which is high dose melatonin and Glutathione. Besides helping my sleep, I felt the high dose melatonin made sense , as I was using it in the clinic for degenerative neurologic disorders. This is based on great clinical experience, as well as the research done using melatonin for neuro-protection and neurogenesis. I added Sandman at bedtime that night. What happened was an amazing experience, where nothing was blunted, and I noticed I had no side effects besides some fatigue for a couple days following. I shared this with my facilitators, and they also found the protocol worked well to prevent the side effects of this protocol.  I now have a bit of a following with this protocol, and many find it to be a significant upgrade, as they are able to begin integrating with a clear and energetic mind. I feel there is benefit far beyond this, as the neuro-protection aspect of this protocol is super important, especially for those whom choose to do this work on any regular basis.

The Science.

My original theory that the medicine would down regulate the receptor sites in the brain, due to the super high levels of these neurotransmitters (such as dopamine and serotonin), has been questioned based on this protocol. I now believe there is more of an over excitation resulting in inflammation in the brain and up regulation of the Glial Cells (brains immune cells). They are just doing their job. They are what I call a Chihuahua with a Bazooka. They are small, but once they get excited they begin to blast away and they don’t easily calm down right away.  In addition to this increased immunological hyper-reactivity in the brain, there is a higher level of oxidation in the brain. This leads to my next super star, melatonin.

Melatonin in high doses make sense, as studies have shown it protects the brain tissues against oxidation and even the toxic effect of Amphetamine. 

This is an excerpt out of my upcoming book called “Melatonin: The Miracle Molecule” .

“Melatonin reduces the expression of alpha-synuclein in the dopamine-containing neuronal regions of amphetamine-treated postnatal rats, published in the Journal of Pineal Research in 2011. This study showed that melatonin can restore the normal activities of key enzymes involved in the production of dopamine specifically by reducing cytotoxicity induced by Amphetamine (AMPH).  AMPH is a psycho-stimulant drug that has been abused very commonly in recent years. It is known to induce severe neurotoxicity in the central dopaminergic pathways associated with increased oxidative stress in the brain. Recently, AMPH has also been shown to increase the level of alpha-synuclein in the dopaminergic neuroblastoma cell cultures significantly. This study has revealed that the neuro-protective and antioxidant properties of Melatonin could help to attenuate the adverse effects of AMPH on the accumulation of alpha-synuclein in the dopaminergic pathways. Melatonin supplementation before the use of AMPH decreased the accumulation of alpha-synuclein to 70 to 90% of the base values. Moreover they saw an increased immunological hyper-reactivity in the brain linked to the accumulation of alpha-synuclein following the use of AMPH. This was restored to normal following melatonin supplementation. This showed that melatonin has direct or indirect effects in controlling the expressions of alpha-synuclein and prevents neurotoxicity linked to the abuse of Amphetamine. This study has confirmed the neuro-protective effects of melatonin that could also play a role in the management of brain diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s linked to oxidative damage, neurotoxicity, and degeneration. Ref

I have found the Sandman helpful with all neurological cases in my clinic. It can be an important supplement to add into the mix with plant medicine. Keep in mind melatonin has only 2.5% oral absorption, so I suggest a liposomal like Sandman Ultra or a suppository.

Another important molecule to consider is NAD+. Over the last couple of years we have begun to introduce some NAD+ products (NAD+Max or NeuroNAD+) into this protocol as well, where we are supporting the mitochondria. The brain and heart, being the most metabolically sensitive, are stressed with this work, and that type of support can be helpful. I am getting many reports back, with much excitement, about how amazing many people feel following medicine work.

If you are a facilitator, or looking for support for your own work, these are some of the protocols we have come up with.  I would suggest that this be an area of focus, to elevate medicine work to a safer and healthier situation.

Pre- Lucitol Suppository or Lucitol Ultra (liposomal) and (optional) NeuroDiol suppository 300mg  or NeuroDiol tincture 25-200mg.

Post- Lucitol Suppository or Lucitol Ultra (liposomal) and NeuroDiol suppository 300mg  or NeuroDiol tincture 25-200mg (if you did not dose NeuroDiol pre, dose post). Optional NAD+Max suppository or NAD+Max Ultra (liposomal).

Evening before bed- Sandman suppository or Sandman Ultra (liposomal), Optional NAD+Max suppository or NAD+Max Ultra (liposomal) (Can dose both post and at bedtime, or just one, but with NAD+ the more the better as medicine is going to clean your NAD+ reserves out!)

3 Days Following- Lucitol Suppository or Lucitol Ultra (liposomal)  and NAD+Max suppository or NAD+Max Ultra (liposomal) in the AM (1-2 suppositories of NAD+ and 1 Lucitol in the am and if Liposomal 10ml’s 2-3 times a day. NeuroDiol 25mg in the AM and 100-300 at night. Evening at Bedtime- Sandman suppository or Sandman Ultra (liposomal), NAD+Max suppository or NAD+Max Ultra (liposomal).  

Something that could be considered  is what I call “Mito Phase”. This is a 2 day NAD+ loading phase, followed by a 2 day Lucitol and a 24hr lunch to lunch fast. I have written about this protocol on .  I feel a series of this week leading up to, and days following, would make a nice protocol.  I’m currently in the process of gathering feedback on “Mito Phase”.

I am available via email for any questions, or if you would like to discuss these protocols, and any of he science surrounding them. 

Warmest Regard,

John Lieurance, ND, DC

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