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A Weekend with

Dr. Michael Ryce

Still Point Breathing Workshop

May 3rd - May 5th 2024


Friday May 3rd 6:00PM–9:30PM

The Cause Of Health / How The Human Mind Works / HOW To Forgive / Healing Guilt & Fear / The Human Energy System / The Cause Of Pain

A unique, original synthesis of science, Naturopathic Medicine, Spiritual Psychology and Theology rich with insights from the ancient Aramaic language. A workshop that offers workable tools for self healing, putting an end to recurring life patterns and renewing your life. Prepare for a shock! Learn Jesus' original Aramaic teachings on Forgivenes

Saturday May 4th 8:00AM–6:00PM


MindShifters® and StillPoint® BREATHING

MindShifters® are used in this work as a catalyst that quickly surfaces unconscious mind dynamics so that they can be examined and healed.


StillPoint Breathing® is deep, process-oriented work. Experience the breath's ability to reduce stress, remove limiting realities. This gentle self-help tool leads to the experience of self-acceptance. Source Connectedness and an ever-deepening serenity


Sunday May 5th 2:00PM–6:00PM

CoDependence to InterDependence

Can Intimacy Be Created Through Codependence? What Is The Cause And Cure Of Addiction? What Are The Gifts Of Codependent Relationship & How Are They Acted Upon?

When denial is removed Conscious Relationships provide a forum for recovery. Explore tools for transforming dysfunction into health and wholeness thru relationship! Be introduced to the concept of the “Power Person” that is at the root of our personality formation system. Move past survival to the delight and aliveness that is not only possible but our natural birthright!

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