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Melatonin Miracle Molecule

Transform your life with Melatonin, the body"s driver of your deepest Life Force. Uncover the newest breakthroughs in research on Melatonin as a health technology to maximize your energy and strength, prevent disease, and extend your health span.

Melatonin is beneficial for diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other degenerative neurologic conditions. It helps treat digestive and gut conditions such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.


Endonasal Cranial Therapy

Transform your life with Endo Nasal Cranial Therapy, the most powerful physical adjustment possible to the human body. After practicing Endo Nasal therapy for 30 years & training doctors all around the world, Dr Lieurance includes the newest breakthroughs discovered in his research.

Deep diving into nasal breathing, CSF flow, Pineal Health, Brain Health & Emotional storage in deep layers within the cranium. Using expansive pressures to return the skull to its normal, natural position & flexibility Endo Nasal is a powerful healing tool that is little known & not recognized by mainstream medicine. 

Methylene Blue 

Explore what scientists call the magic bullet. Methylene Blue might be the most impressive molecule ever discovered. Dr. John breaks down how it works in the body to supercharge the cellular energy of your cells through enhanced mitochondrial function. Learn all the benefits of this amazing molecule!

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Fast Track Fasting 

• Maximizing cellular energy prior to the fast.

• Assisting the Autophagy & Mitophagy signaling response using Senolytics.

• Stimulating a Regenerative Phase via stem cell & Hormetic Response’s.

•Stimulating ”Microbiome Swarming” & Microbiome Diversity post fast.

• Support Stem Cell’s as they are released during re-feeding.

NeuroProtection in Plant Medicine

Being trained as both a Naturopath and Chiropractic Neurologist brings a unique set of training to solve health problems. It’s a lens I look through that not only question the standard ideas and practices, but also looks for a more natural alternative. Protection of the brain and nervous system from toxins, chemicals, various plants and infections are among the most important endeavors. Especially when one wants to enjoy a healthy brain through their journey into old age. I have become particularly interested in the use of psychedelic medicines in the clinical setting as an alternative to traditional talk and drug therapy, Both of which have proven to be fairly unsuccessful. 

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Sensory Rejuvenation

Melatonin can be taken throughout this process and it might make sense to take large doses post Senolytic and Autophagy Phase to improve the “swarming Effect” of the beneficial flora in your gut. 400x’s more gut melatonin than brain melatonin.

Magic Bullet - Second Addition

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