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 May the 3rd

Endo-Nasal Therapy Course

Transform Your Practice with Endo-Nasal Therapy

I was on a CPAP machine for my sleep apnea. I was diagnosed a few years prior and found it difficult to breathe through my nose since an injury to my face/nose in 1989.


I never imagined that this alteration in the structure of my face could be reversed without painful surgery. It was literally less than a 5-minute procedure and my breathing was more open than I can ever remember.


This wasn’t the only benefit I felt, I also felt calm and centered, my vision was sharper and I started sleeping more soundly than before and my chronic neck pain was disappeared.

Key outcomes

Improved Sleep

Unlocks dura adhesions, allowing cerebrospinal fluid to flow, and pineal gland to function better.

Balanced hemispheres

Release tension on meningeal system, balance hemispheres, and stimulate neural activity.

By releasing tension on the meningeal system, the brain is better protected and less susceptible to stress.

Reduced stress and tension on the meningeal system

Improved airflow through the nasal passage

patients can breathe more easily, which can lead to reduced snoring and sleep apnea, as well as improved overall health.

By targeting specific areas of the brain, releasing tension on the meningeal system, and stimulating the flow of cerebrospinal fluid.

Relief from migraines, sleep apnea, chronic sinusitis, TMJ, tinnitus, vertigo

General Admission

USD $4,975 

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May 04 2023

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What is Functional Cranial Release?

Functional Cranial Release (FCR) is a therapy that aims to improve the brain's ability to oxygenate itself by releasing connective tissue restrictions in the nasal passage, thereby improving air flow and oxygen absorption into the lungs and on a cellular level.


Studies have shown that this therapy can help improve cerebellar function and vestibular output. The therapy also helps in cranial movement called cranial rhythm which is a normal pumping action inherent of the skull bones, it is believed to assist in the distribution of nutrients such as oxygen and neurotransmitters that bath the central nervous system maintaining proper fuel delivery to the neurons of the brain.


Revolutionize Your Practice:
Learn Endo Nasal Cranial Therapy from a 30-year Expert

Endo Nasal Cranial Therapy is a revolutionary method that uses expansive pressures to return the skull to its natural position and flexibility. This therapy can improve the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and nutrient delivery to the brain, as well as support the detox pathways of the body.


The book covers not only the benefits of Endo Nasal therapy but also the benefits of other healing technologies that Dr Lieurance uses in his clinical practice to treat various conditions such as headaches, TMJ, neurological conditions, vestibular disorders, sinus and nasal breathing, and pineal function for mental/emotional and spiritual applications.

Up to 29% Improvement in Brain Balance Compensation

A new study, conducted in 2021, has been conducted using the Bertec Balance Plate to examine the effects of endo-nasal balloon manipulations on the vestibular system. The study found that there were significant differences in brain balance compensation between pre and post examination results for subjects who underwent FCR.


The most dramatic findings were with the Flat Surface Eyes Closed (Flat SEC) and Foam Surface Eyes Closed (Foam SEC) tests, with up to 29% improvement in brain balance compensation while eyes were closed and up to 12% improvement in brain balance compensation while eyes were open. The study also found that there appeared to be a stronger relationship between FCR and Balance exam with the male subjects by a slight margin.