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Into The Mystic Experience

February 16th 2024

Deep Immersion Into Your Body’s Natural Healing Powers!

Experience Your Divine Nature

February 16th  2pm - 5pm

What is Into the Mystic?


Dr. John Lieurance, after a profound experience with psychedelic therapy, began his deep study into the art and science of what he calls “The Future of Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing”. Dr. John has studied with the top experts in the field such as Reid Robinson, MD whom, is the foremost authority in Ketamine assistant psychotherapy, and various well-known shamans.


The Into the Mystic journey experience has been born from a vast knowledge base of Neuroscience, Naturopathic Medicine, Functional Neurology, Functional Medicine, Cranial Therapy, Breathwork, Biohacking, and Native American as well as Amazonian Shamanism.


“The first thing we did is to take traditional ketamine therapy out of a sterile clinic and move it into a more natural and vibrant experience and environment.”


Into the Mystic is a group event with 8-12 people. Individual sessions are also available upon request.


It is recommended to eat light the day of the Journey or fast.

Dr. John & Harry Paul will be your facilitators for the
“Step Into the Mystic” experience.
Dr. John Lieurance
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Harry Paul
“Harry the Healer”

Dr. John's has pioneered techniques in Cranial Therapy, using endo-nasal balloons. Bliss release drops the part of the brain that holds our sense of identity called the default mode network (DMN). This calming of the DMN allows a positive change to be installed into the unconscious mind. In essence, you are freer to create a new definition of yourself and your place in the world.


Also, in improving nasal airflow, consider the study, “Nasal Respiration Entrains Human Limbic Oscillations and Modulates Cognitive Function”. The researcher has discover that the need to breathe is inextricably linked to the brain and the olfactory system, which relates to respiratory rhythms that draw air through the nose.


Methylene Blue & Memory Consolidation


The primary benefits I see of utilizing methylene blue for patients receiving ketamine therapy is that it can enhance learning and neural plastic changes. It does this by consolidating memory as described in this study.


In this study, they took people with phobias and they gave them a dose of methylene blue the day of the therapy. The results were significantly better in the group that took the methylene blue. The researchers felt that this was due to enhanced mitochondrial support to the nerves resulting in enhanced memory consolidation. Ref



From 2-3 pm

Breathwork Session with John & Harry. This is a time to set intentions and get the body prepared for a deep dive into the Mystic where you can step into the best version of yourself.


From 3- 4:30 pm

The Journey - Ketamine will be dosed and the journey will be facilitated as you step into the Mystic.


From 4:30- 5:30 pm

The MitoZenter and AR Clinic will be available to journal and integrate.

Cost for Experience

Protocols will be customized by Dr. John and staff.

Into The Mystic Package $845 

  • Into the Mystic Journey - ($600 Value)

  • Optional Therapies Prior To The Journey include:

  • Oscillation Session. ($50 Value) 

  • Gate Activation - Stem Wave Therapy for Hands, Feet and Spine. ($200 Value)

  • Shiftwave Chair - Vibroacoustic Therapy. ($65 Value)

  • Photobiomodulation Red & NIR light therapy (Intra Nasal). ($65 Value)

  • CVAC (Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning). ($60 Value)

  • Methylene blue (oral)

  • Breathwork Session

VIP Package: $1495 


  • Optional Therapies Prior To The Journey include:

  • IV Therapy - Methylene Blue, Mag Ox & Silver IV, Retail. ($1,100 Value)

  • Bliss Release / Endo-Nasal – Cranial/Pineal Activation by Dr. John. ($500 Value)

Note: All VIP attendees must have an exam with our PA prior to the journey. Included in VIP Price  ($250 Value).

Space is Limited. Call (941) 330-8553 to Sign up TODAY!


Into the mystic events are held by Advanced Rejuvenation PMA which operates as an alternative medical facility with a variety of providers to include Medical, Chiropractic, Nursing and Medical Assistant licensure. Advanced Rejuvenation PMA a private membership association and only provides services to its members and not to the public. These events are for members only. Dr. John Lieurance supports into the mystic events as a facilitator and medical assistant and does not act as a primary care physician, treating physician or attending physician within the scope of ketamine therapy. Ketamine therapy is provided by licensed medical staff which are trained in the field and ketamine therapy falls within the scope of their license and practice.

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