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Miracle Stem Cell + Laser Treatments for Hearing Loss & Tinnitus

The Life Stylist

Exploring Innovative Treatments and Products

Miracle Stem Cell + Laser Treatments for Hearing Loss & TinnitusThe Life Stylist
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Advanced Rejuvenation, John’s multidisciplinary clinic focused on alternative and regenerative medicine, is really an incredible place. I was like a kid at Disneyland trying all of the things and feeling absolutely incredible when I walked out the door. In this conversation, we do deep dives on a number of innovative treatments I received while under his care, as well as cover the amazing range of products offered by his other next-level wellness brand, MitoZen.

This one’s a little nonlinear, as I was still a tad on the medicated side from a procedure earlier that day. Still, the free-flowing nature of the conversation uncovers so many gems, and Dr. John’s unending knowledge is sure to fill your brains and your notebooks either way.

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