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Women's Health Summit

Insights from Experts on Hormones, Fasting, Blood Sugar, Sleep,
Menopause, Weight-loss, Peptides

Key outcomes

Address Neurochemical &  Hormonal Changes 

Optimize Sleep and Circadian Health

Regulate Blood Sugar for Energy and Harmony

Explore Peptides for Gut Health, Balance, and Anti-aging

Manage Detoxification and Infections

Address Gut Health to optimize Vitality

Upcoming Event 

April 26th, 8:30 am to 5 pm 

This event is popular

21 people enrolled last week.

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Empowerment and Well-being

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Learn practical strategies and gain valuable insights to improve your health and transform your life. Our esteemed speakers will share their expertise on hormones, fasting, blood sugar regulation, sleep optimization, peptides for gut health and aging, detoxification, and managing infections. Learn how to implement strategies that can have a profound impact on health and well-being.

Join us for this life-changing event, where you’ll learn practical tools and gain valuable insights to improve your health and transform your life. Together, we will embark on a journey towards a future where women thrive and experience true vitality. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this empowering and transformative summit.

Nat Niddam

Topic: What role can Bioregulator Peptides & Longer Chain Peptides play in Women’s Health specifically?

Nathalie is a holistic nutritionist, a human potential coach and the host of the Biohacking Superhuman Performance Podcast.  She is passionate about Longevity with a particular focus on ways to support the body to regenerate and heal from within….this focus is what has led to her passion about Bioregulator Peptides and Peptides in general. Nat is looking forward to diving deep into Bioregulator peptides that can be particularly helpful for women’s health at the upcoming Women’s Health Summit on Sarasota at Dr John Lieurance’s beautiful Advanced Rejuvenation Centre.


Karen Martel

Unlocking the Power of Estrogen: Dispelling Myths & Embracing Facts

Karen Martel, CEO of Hormone Solutions, heads a clinic and product line offering bioidentical hormone therapy and a holistic approach to addressing hormonal dysfunction in women during peri and post menopause. As a Certified Hormone Specialist and Transformational Nutrition Coach, Karen is a distinguished authority in women’s weight loss and hormonal health. With a wealth of expertise in peri-menopause and menopause, Karen is recognized as a leading expert in navigating the unique challenges and transitions women face during these phases of life. As the esteemed host of the highly acclaimed women’s health podcast, “The Hormone Solution with Karen Martel,” she delves deeply into the intricacies of female fat loss, hormone optimization, and the complex interplay between hormones and overall health. Karen’s mission is to empower women with the knowledge they require to seize control of their well-being and thrive throughout every stage of life.

Kelly Kennedy

Topic: The Divine Heart: Diving into the World of Heart Rate Variability

Kelly Kennedy, commonly referred to as the "Lymph Queen," is the mind behind the transformative F.L.O.W.E. Formula. With 19 years of clinical experience at The True Wellness Center, she's dedicated to helping you break free from health stagnation. Through her expertise in revitalizing fascia, enhancing lymphatic flow, optimizing oxygen intake, improving water quality, and igniting boundless energy, Kelly empowers you to unlock your body's innate healing potential. Find her sharing valuable insights and wellness tips on her podcast FLOWE with Kelly Kennedy, Instagram @truewellnessglobal or visit

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Sandy Sembler

Topic: Embodied Energetics: Navigating Trauma, Regulating Nervous Systems, and Curating Polarity in your Relationships

Sandy Sembler, recognized as the "Women's Embodiment Expert", weaves
richly embodied life experiences, feminine and masculine dynamics, and
trauma-informed somatics into her SakredShe MethodTM, guiding the
modern-day woman to liberate her past, unapologetically reclaim and
rewild her powerfully unique voice and intuition, and step out of the
shadows to light up the world with her fullest expression.

At the heart of Sandy’s philosophy is the radical mindset of “how we do
anything is how we do everything” – a statement dedicated to making every
moment in life a more profound experience. Sandy’s transformative process
of re-wilding the feminine spirit alchemizes trauma into revealed wisdom, 
illuminates the depths of your heart’s desire, and embodies emotional

She also co-created the Art of Creative Relationships, where she believes that the last 5% of healing occurs in relationships – where we often receive our deepest wounds. The most remarkable transformations occur within these spaces of repair, and a sacred union is born. By breaking the cycle of repetitive patterns and complacency, couples learn to rekindle the fire within their partnership, deepening their love and passion in ways they never thought possible. Through SakredShe, Sandy is creating more than a method; she is nurturing a global sisterhood - a haven where women can evolve, express, and

uncover their most authentic selves. 

Dani Hamilton

Topic: Optimizing Metabolic Health with Circadian and Quantum Strategies

Danielle "Dani" Hamilton is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a renowned blood sugar expert specializing in hypoglycemia, and reactive hypoglycemia. Her journey into this specialized field was fueled by her personal battle with PCOS, which she successfully reversed after learning that blood sugar issues and insulin resistance were at the root.

From overcoming PCOS, hypoglycemia, cystic acne, PMS, and weight loss resistance, Dani realized the power of stable blood sugar and its vital role in overall health. This drives her mission to empower others to recognize and remedy their blood sugar issues, even when the early signs are often dismissed or misdiagnosed.

Dani uses a nuanced, holistic approach including circadian and quantum biology principles to optimize blood sugar and metabolism. She is the host of the top 50 Nutrition Podcast, Unlock the Sugar Shackles. She is also the creator of the transformative "Blood Sugar Mastery Program."


Christine Caruso

Topic: On Being Human - Augmentation, Frequency Tracking and other Interstellar Conversations

Christine Caruso is a Medical Intuitive and Interstellar Channel. She combines her skill as Remote Viewer with her passion for cellular intelligences in the bodies, targeting neurological issues, blood diseases, and latent viruses. Christine is the Creator of The HUM of Roses, a Stellar Program for women devoted to the frequency of pure love and the channeled energies and teachings of the Magdalenas. With over 25 years research and studies in the field of Energy Medicine, Christine is dedicated to the radical pursuit of humans being fully alive, fully engaged.  Learn more about her work at

Alexandra De Montreuil


Alexandra was born in Lima-Peru on December 23rd ♑️ She is a Holistic Therapist, Reiki master teacher, Interfaith Minister, Certified Crystal Therapist, Theta Healer, CCTP Certified Clinical trauma professional and complex trauma treatment professional CCTP-II, Certified Somatic and Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator, Feng Shui Consultant and Aromatherapist.


She dedicates her life to serving others, employing a variety of healing modalities like trauma sessions, breathwork, energy work, along with sacred cacao ceremonies and the creation of customized crystal grids. Her passion lies deeply rooted in this calling. Embracing people from all walks of life, she accompanies them on their unique journeys of awakening, recognizing the diverse tapestry of experiences that each individual brings. A specific focus of her practice is working with women, aiding in the healing of the feminine through these diverse approaches and modalities. She finds profound fulfillment in guiding individuals through their struggles, helping them conquer fears, anxiety, PTSD, and pain. A crucial element of her approach is finding the perfect balance between spirituality and practicality, a harmony she believes is essential for true health and happiness. This is not just about alleviating symptoms; it’s a transformative journey, teaching and empowering them to navigate and overcome their traumas. This enables them to emerge as the best, most authentic versions of themselves. For her, there’s an unmatched joy and a sense of purpose in this journey of healing and growth, enriched by this unique blend of the spiritual and the practical. Her ultimate goal is to empower you to live an authentic and fulfilling life by coming into alignment with your Soul's calling and your Higher Self's guidance, a feeling so enriching and powerful that she treasures it above all else, unwavering in her commitment to this path.

AF_Jessica Peatross_Headshot3.jpg

Dr. Jessica Peatross

Topic: Breast Implant Illness and the Toxin Bucket

Dr. Jessica Peatross has a passion for uncovering the mystery behind the chronic illness, whether that be stealth infections, heavy metals, stress, trauma or other environmental toxicities. She is visionary for the future of healthcare and left her position as a board-certified, internal medicine hospitalist to pursue Functional Medicine in order to better serve her patients. By getting to the real, root cause answers for WHY the body might be malfunctioning. 


Her philosophy embraces that health encompasses the whole patient – mind, body, and spirit – and Dr. Jess has become one of the most-sought after Functional Medicine Leaders. She is known for her ability to help identify the root cause of illness, most often traced back to hidden, stealth infections like Lyme, parasites and mold, Dr. Jess’s area of expertise.


Dr. Jess is able to heal people without the need for narcotics, immunosuppressants, antidepressants, antibiotics or steroids and in 2020, made the decision to not continue her board certification with the AMA as she no longer practices pharmaceutical-based medicine. 


For more information, visit, follow on Instagram.

Rodney Lavoie Jr.

How To Heal Yourself From Within

Rodney is known for his tenure on the #1 reality tv show of all-time CBS “Survivor”, however over the years Rodney has transformed into what many would call a "healer". 

Rodney holds a bachelors degree in exercise science and kinesiology however Rodney credits zero of his success from his college education. Rodney is a self taught leader, researcher, mentor, coach, motivational speaker and revolutionary worldwide life changer.

Rodney owns a wholelistic health shop sanctuary in Tampa, Florida called "Coco Love" utilizing wild harvested coconuts to provide real whole foods, seamoss infusions and a life changing experience for anyone who gets to visit.


"You truly heal YOU, all healing comes from within."


Tara Smith

Topic: The Circle of Health and Vitality - the cornerstones for optimal performance and living

Certified Health Coach and Holistic Practitioner, specializing in chronic illness and overall health.

As Program Director at Advanced Rejuvenation, she works closely with Dr. John to help clients nationwide in Distance Coaching Programs. Tara also does the consultations for those interested in traveling to Sarasota for treatments. Her expertise empowers individuals to take control of their health to achieve optimal well-being.

Dr. John Lieurance

Topic: Regenerative Medicine and X Cells for Health Optimization

Dr. John Lieurance has over 25 years in alternative medicine as a practitioner, bestselling author, and entrepreneur.

He explores many new paths in the healthcare world with his unique and fresh ideas for people in search of answers for chronic disease and health optimization alike.


Exploring the Limits of Human Potential

A Retrospective of Past Events

VIP Experience

Arrive a day early and experience a full day of modalities to get you feeling refreshed and restored and ready for the Summit.

Ticket Cost Included
LumeBlue or RejuvenOX IV
Medical Exam
Vibroacoustic Therapy
Transcranial and Intranasal Photobiomodulation
We only have a few VIP spots, so if you are interested,  claim yours today. 

Discover What's Included

Igniting the Path to Empowerment and Well-being

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