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Updated: Oct 28, 2023

This was an amazing interview I did with my dear friend Jeff Roberti. Many might know him as the Juice Plus Pioneer, who has earned more money in network marketing than anyone else in history. He didn’t come by this success without obstacles and challenges. According to Jeff, it’s how you handle these challenges. He describes how he turned his pain into his purpose, in this fantastic interview at his home.

Jeff Roberti is an icon, both within the Juice Plus+ company and in the world of network marketing. He earned his title as NSA’s #1 income earner his first year and never looked back.

During his first three years as a distributor, NSA’s sales went from a million a month to a million a day. He has been with the company NSA for decades – nowadays Juice-Plus. Juice PLUS+ is made from 26 different fruits, vegetables and berries.

His distributorship now spans 24+ countries. Jeff’s story is often used by other distributors and companies to demonstrate the unlimited potential of network marketing.

It is one of the most recognized and published stories in the history of the industry.


Dr. John Lieurance (00:09):

We’re in the middle of a pandemic, right?

Jeff Roberti (00:11):


Dr. John Lieurance (00:11):

Everybody’s locked at home, and people can’t go to the gym. They can’t do a lot of the things that they would normally want to do to keep themselves healthy. But you’ve created a really interesting gym scenario down there. We’ll cut to some footage of that gym down there. You’ve been able to create a really great ritual, and so talk about morning rituals and some of the things that you’re doing to stay feeling healthy and vital.

Jeff Roberti (00:37):

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, for me, a big part of my morning is I like to do some gratitude exercises. I love to get up and do my prayer and my meditation every morning. Set your intention for the day. Really get up and get yourself in a peak resourceful state, and have some rituals.

Jeff Roberti (00:58):

But exercise is on the top of my list, after I do my gratitude exercises, my prayer and my meditation and take my Juice Plus supplements and I do my plant-based protein powder shake. I love wheatgrass as well. I’m into that and some of the things that you’ve shared with me, some of the supplements that I’m taking.

Jeff Roberti (01:21):

Then I’ve created downstairs here in my home, I’ve got a great gym. Matter of fact, I’ve turned my home into a sports complex. I mean, I have so much fun here.

Dr. John Lieurance (01:30):

Yeah, yeah. [crosstalk 00:01:28].

Jeff Roberti (01:30):

I get up, and it’s like between playing tennis and pickle ball and kayaking and paddle boarding and swimming and biking and strength training four or five days a week, it’s great. I gave up drinking six months ago as well. I gave up alcohol. It did not serve me.

Dr. John Lieurance (01:50):


Jeff Roberti (01:51):

Between that and I was in an unhappy relationship and made some changes, and I replaced a bad habit with a really good habit. That is called health and vitality. That’s exercise. I really enjoy it. Treat your body like a temple, not like an amusement park. I needed to shut down all that crazy drinking and all of that. It didn’t serve me. I have way too much to give to the world to waste it on a bottle of booze, bottom line.

Jeff Roberti (02:23):

Once I made that decision and tore that list of excuses up and said, “Okay, that’s it. I’m going to raise my standards again,” it’s all about standards. What level are you going to show up at in life? What level are you going to play at in life? Here’s a great question to ask yourself. Would you follow you, your daily method of operation, the level you show up at? Are you the type of person … Success breeds success, and so I really want to be that role model or that example.

Jeff Roberti (02:54):

I’ve got a lot of this younger generation out in my business. I started in my twenties, and I’ve got these 20 and 30 years old producers, distributors in my Juice Plus team. I’m like a father figure to them, like a role model now of somebody that’s done it for the last 30 years, that’s worn the shoes, to be that mentor and to pass that baton on to that next generation. That’s very rewarding.

Dr. John Lieurance (03:19):

That brings up an interesting question. So if you were to be able to talk to your 20-year-old self, right now, you can go back in time, what advice would you give that 20-year-old with relationship to health?

Jeff Roberti (03:32):

Yeah, yeah. John, we all think we’re invincible in our twenties, right? I mean, we’ve all gone through the stage of you could eat anything, drink anything, do anything, and you’re bulletproof, right? I mean, before I got into whole food nutrition with Juice Plus, I’m Italian. I used to think whole food meant the whole pizza, the whole pizza. but I’d still wake up the next morning. I was sick back then.

Dr. John Lieurance (03:59):

I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it. Yeah.

Jeff Roberti (03:59):

You’re going to eat the whole pie. That was the whole food. But everybody realizes. You get into your thirties and then into your forties, and things start changing, your metabolism, and things that you got away with younger in life, you start to realize. So I’ve got a lot of 20 and 30-year-olds right now that are realizing, “Wow, why don’t I take self-responsibility for my own health now and get into prevention and wellness?”

Jeff Roberti (04:32):

They want fun, freedom, and flexibility, right? Having a home-based business with Juice Plus of going out there and sharing the gift of health and the gift of wealth and having that fun, freedom, and flexibility. But that 20-year-old self, I’m sure I did some damage back in my twenties, like everybody, most people, but I also had a really good work ethic. I was a hard worker, coming from nothing, starting from basically zero and building it. There’s a lot to be said for when somebody’s self-made. It wasn’t given to me. So I really understand the value of a dollar. I don’t do things that are just very crazy with my money.

Jeff Roberti (05:20):

That’s the other thing I will share with you. The secret to living is giving. It’s really giving.

Dr. John Lieurance (05:27):

[crosstalk 00:05:27].

Jeff Roberti (05:28):

I’ve gotten very, very involved with different charities and especially with the Boys and Girls Club and Make A Wish and just so many of them that that’s been … I used to say to myself when I was that broke kid, sitting in the back of my mom’s car that someday, if I could, I would like to be able to give more. If I could, I would have liked to go do this for my parents. If I could, I would. I had a huge why back then when I started the business.

Dr. John Lieurance (05:57):

Well, you’re definitely living your purpose right now, and that’s very inspiring. I want to thank you for the inspiration. I’m sure our viewers right now are getting inspired. I mean, I feel like going and starting to work out right now-

Jeff Roberti (06:11):

Let’s go.

Dr. John Lieurance (06:12):

… and throw some weights around. The reason I brought you on was because I think that people need to see an aspect of living a really healthy life and what that looks like and some of the strategies that you’re using right now to keep your immune system strong. We’ve already talked about Juice Plus, but I’d love to just kind of … I know you’re doing some saunas and using some ozone. Can you just kind of share with the viewers some of the tricks that you’ve used?

Jeff Roberti (06:40):

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I have an infrared sauna downstairs, which I truly believe in. I have an ozone machine down there. I like get in the steam cabinet and do the ozone treatments. Of course, a full range of different exercise equipment. When I say full range, a lot of the stuff, you can do with your own body weight. Don’t make an excuse, “Oh, well, Jeff, you have a gym, and I don’t.” There’s things called pushups and sit-ups and lunges and squats. You can do that with your own body weight. So I’ve got a TRX band. I mean, those aren’t that expensive to buy.

Jeff Roberti (07:15):

I mean, there’s things you can do, but I’ve got that whole ritual. I told you I like to do some wheatgrass. I do my supplements. I do my shake. I don’t eat late. My diet’s really clean. I chew my food. I used to inhale it and just not even chew, just swallow it. Now I make sure that I’m in a very calm setting when I eat my food, and I chew my food. I eat very clean. I’m really conscious about anything that has any type of preservatives or chemical additives or GMO or hormones or antibiotics. Stay away from all of that. Hydration’s very important, getting good rest, diet, exercise, all of that.

Jeff Roberti (08:02):

But some of the things that I’ve been privileged to that you’ve shared with me has been just life-altering. I mean, when I come in the clinic and we do some of these different protocols that you have, I mean, I won’t list them all. I mean, they go to your website ,Advanced Rejuvenation, and see what you have to offer. But, I mean, talk about supercharging yourself. I come out of there just feeling amazing. I wish I could get in there more often. I mean, it’s just unbelievable. So not only have I been able to transform my health, my life and my health, but I’ve been able to keep bumping it up a notch.

Dr. John Lieurance (08:40):

Luke Wren is coming in. We may actually try to grab him for a little bit of the interview. He runs Life Mastery for Tony Robbins out of Fiji.

Jeff Roberti (08:48):

He does. Yes. He’s been doing that and flying back and forth to Fiji and teaching that program as the main facilitator, like Tony’s right-hand man. Listen, when you see Luke, you’ll know I’ve got my hands full in the gym with this guy.

Dr. John Lieurance (09:03):


Jeff Roberti (09:04):

He’s a big boy, but you know what? You get with somebody that inspires you, right? That’s going to push you, to take you to that next level. When you’re lifting the weights, it’s not if you’re doing 10 reps, which one gives you the most growth?

Dr. John Lieurance (09:18):


Jeff Roberti (09:18):

11, 12, 15, not 10. Keep going. You’ve got five more.

Dr. John Lieurance (09:25):

Well, with that said, Luke, he’s running Tony Robbins. I know that you’ve learned a lot. You went to Life Mastery back when Tony was actually running it. Then you’ve also done a lot of work with Brian Clement with the Hippocrates.

Jeff Roberti (09:38):


Dr. John Lieurance (09:38):

What types of things have you learned through those processes?

Jeff Roberti (09:43):

Well, with Hippocrates Health Institute over in West Palm, and I’ve been there several times, and there, again, Juice Plus was kind of like the tip of the iceberg. It started the snowball process for me. But over there, they believe in whole food nutrition as well. It’s a plant-based diet. I mean, I guess you could sum it up in three words: Eat more plants. So when you go there, number one, they shut down anything that’s acidic, nothing from the outside world, right? You stop the poison, anything that’s acidic to the body. Number two, you cleanse the system through colonics, through different protocols to cleanse out the colon and cleanse the body, detoxify.

Dr. John Lieurance (10:30):

If we could pause there for a second, if we go back in time, because I had never had a colonic in my life-

Jeff Roberti (10:37):

I know. Who would ever have thought I’d be doing this?

Dr. John Lieurance (10:40):

… Jeff Roberti said, “Go to Alain Menard. This guy has been doing it for,” at the time, I think 10. Now it’s been like 40 years. But I think it was 15 years. This was a while ago. There was no way I would’ve gone in there and laid on that table-

Jeff Roberti (10:54):

I know.

Dr. John Lieurance (10:54):

… and let somebody do that, if it wasn’t for the fact that I knew that you had been there. It’s one of the biggest advantages that I’ve seen. Speak to some of the benefits of getting a colonic.

Jeff Roberti (11:11):

Well, come on. There again, I’m a layman, not a doctor, but if you step into your common sense corner, I don’t know how many pounds of fecal matter people carry in their colon. But if you don’t eliminate, you’re recirculating, if you don’t get that poison out.

Dr. John Lieurance (11:29):


Jeff Roberti (11:31):

So somebody wakes up in the morning, and they don’t have a bowel movement, that’s not healthy, right?

Dr. John Lieurance (11:34):

No, no.

Jeff Roberti (11:34):

I mean, you want to get that out. So I’ve got to get my mindset right for something like that and focus on my outcome-

Dr. John Lieurance (11:43):


Jeff Roberti (11:44):

… not the process-

Dr. John Lieurance (11:45):

Right. Yeah.

Jeff Roberti (11:46):

… which you’ve got to do-

Dr. John Lieurance (11:47):


Jeff Roberti (11:47):

… but how good I’m going to feel to get those toxins out of my body. That’s what I learned over there at Hippocrates, is not only, number one, cutting out all the poison, that would be things that are acidic and then do cleansing the system, but then the third part is that putting things in that are alkaline, that are going to alkalize the body. Over there, they believe in things that are not even cooked, that have life force, that are full of enzymes. So I call it the sprout buffet. I never knew there was so many different types of sprouts you could eat.

Jeff Roberti (12:21):

But you go there the first week. You’re a little grumpy, and you’re detoxifying. You’re not the most pleasant person to be around the first week. But by the second week, all of a sudden, things start happening. You’re drinking the juices, and you’re doing the wheatgrass and going through the whole program. By the third week, you feel like you could run a marathon. The weight comes off.

Jeff Roberti (12:45):

To me, John, that program was attainable, but not sustainable. It was more of a tune-up, and I’ve picked up some great things from there that have become now habits and rituals. But I have not stayed completely on a raw food diet. But I do eat more plants.

Dr. John Lieurance (13:07):

Well, for those viewers that are watching this, Hippocrates is a cleansing institute, right? You go there and stay there for a week or sometimes longer. They basically control what you eat, how you eat, and they do rebounding and IVs. There’s all these-

Jeff Roberti (13:24):

Yeah, all kinds of things. People go there whether they’re enlightened or frightened. I was a little bit of both.

Dr. John Lieurance (13:32):


Jeff Roberti (13:32):

I realized that I needed to make some changes with my health, but also a little bit frightened. A lot of people go there for life threat cancers. Yeah, I mean, I don’t want to get into any …

Dr. John Lieurance (13:44):

[crosstalk 00:13:44] any diseases.

Jeff Roberti (13:44):

They just say, “Look, I’m going to” … The body, basically, from what I understand … There again, I’m a layman. I’m not a doctor like yourself. But the body’s a healing organism. If you cut your finger and if you’re healthy, it’ll heal itself. If it doesn’t heal, then you’ve got a problem. So if I step into my common sense corner again, it just makes good sense that if I don’t put things in my body that are acidic, is this going to cleanse me or clog me would be a good question.

Dr. John Lieurance (14:17):

I love it. Yeah.

Jeff Roberti (14:18):

So if I don’t put that in my body and I’ve got good elimination, I’m getting the toxins out of my body, and I’m supercharging my body with good nutrition, Juice Plus, whatever it is, right, and now I’m giving my body the best chance, the best odds to fight off and/or correct, right? Because the body will heal, and it’s just common sense.

Dr. John Lieurance (14:44):

Yeah. These are principles that guide my practice as well. The principle of detoxifying and some of the things that we’re talking about may sound extreme to some people watching this, but when you do it and you feel how vital and clear you get, it drives you to want to repeat it and to continue that pathway. I think if people don’t have a pain to purpose, you might think about, “Well, how good can you feel? How clear can you get?” What that translates into, what you can do to contribute to other people. We’ve already kind of covered on that’s where you really feel good. Your life is moving on all cylinders.

Jeff Roberti (15:24):

Yeah, and that’s why I said, “when God gave me a second chance.” I’ve been blessed that I have abundance. Don’t let your comfort get in the way of your calling. That’s where a lot of people … They have the success, but they don’t have the fulfillment, the meaning, the purpose, the fulfillment, doing something that counts something that’s bigger than yourself, something that’s cause-oriented, where you get to add value. Love what you do and add value to people’s lives. What a great way to live. Lay your head down on the pillow at night and just feel very, very fortunate, very blessed that you’ve been able to go out there and do something that counts.

Dr. John Lieurance (16:04):

What are some resources some of the viewers could utilize, books they could read or movies or things that-

Jeff Roberti (16:10):

Oh, I mean, there’s so many great things out there, John. I mean, you’ve got a resource of things. I mean, we’ve talked about a couple things here. But yeah, I mean, I think it really boils down to a person’s got to have the desire, deep down inside. We can give you a laundry list of, “Here’s the books. Here’s the things you should listen to,” but I always look for somebody that has that hunger, that has that desire, and a willingness, a burning desire, a willingness, and they’re teachable. All they’ve got to do is just plug into what you’re doing. I mean, it’s there. The teacher is there. If the student appears, you’ve got to say, “Okay, I want this.”

Jeff Roberti (16:56):

Great question to ask yourself is, “What do I got to do to make my health a bigger priority in my life?” Right? If that’s a priority, if you really make that list of things that are really important to you in life, health, right? Love. I mean, there’s a lot of things that you start to really think, “Well, what’s really important? What’s most important to me in my life?” I did a program a few years ago called Date with Destiny with Tony.

Dr. John Lieurance (17:25):

Amazing, amazing.

Jeff Roberti (17:27):

He goes through your values.

Dr. John Lieurance (17:29):


Jeff Roberti (17:29):

What’s your primary question and how to really have a compelling future and things that are going to be emotionally charged and drive you in life.

Dr. John Lieurance (17:38):

The [inaudible 00:17:39] process, right?

Jeff Roberti (17:40):

Yeah, with the pain and showing you that.

Dr. John Lieurance (17:42):


Jeff Roberti (17:42):

But there’s a thing I teach called RPM. RPM is kind of like the RPM on your car, right? Well, the R stands for results. What specific, measurable results do you want from your life? Be specific. Clarity is power. Results-driven. Results-focused, I should say, right? Results focus. What results do you want? The P, which is even more important, is the purpose. Reasons come first. Why do you want it, right? The why part. What’s something that’s going to be emotionally charged, that’ll give you that compelling future, that’ll get you up early, keep you up late? The purpose, purpose-driven. Results-focused, purpose-driven, and then the N would stand for put together your massive action plan. Put your map together. What is that massive action plan for you? I know what it is for me. You know what it is for you. You’ve got to make that decision. I’m not in the business trying to convince people. Here it is. Now you’ve got to want it. (silence)

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